10 Dreams Which Foretell Sex

Watermelon, swing, dances … What else do we dream before intimate proximity?

Admit if the dream dreamed you and you remembered it, then will surely guess what it means, to look for value in different dream books. These 10 images which mean: to sex to be. And soon enough.

sleeping girl


You girls are driving ladies and in a dream had an accident? Having wakened, brush away cold sweat from a forehead and prepare … for stormy night of love. The destiny will pit you at some intersection soon against the stranger who will fall in love with you at first sight. You are waited by passion, unforgettable minutes of happiness and pleasure.


Do you understand that the main yum-yum of this big berry is hidden under a thick crust? You cut watermelon, inhale its aroma, cut off a piece, bite off and enjoy taste … Already understood that such dream means sex with the person who long could not admit that he dreams to be with you a whole and to give true pleasure. Yes, watermelon in a dream is to pleasure in reality.


Dreamed how a bomb is detonated? Means, shortly in reality you are waited by absolutely unexpected explosion of passion. The main thing – try not to lose the head.


The desert ship – a symbol of endurance and indefatigability, it slowly but surely moves to the planned purpose. If the camel dreamed you, so in the near future you will get acquainted with the man having improbable sexual energy.


In a dream you fought? Beat the husband? Familiar man or unfamiliar? It is a good dream, a so-called shifting dream which foretells pleasant acquaintance (if your hand with fashionable manicure was come by the stranger) with intimate continuation, suddenly flashed passion (thrashed the old acquaintance) or reconciliation after the quarrel and stormy night for spouses.


In reality this not really pleasant animal, and here in a dream … Means if you dream the snake who is heated on the sun, then you will meet the tender and gentle man with whom you will spend very pleasant night. But especially do not trust the partner, do not lose the head from passion, be ready that the seducer can bite you.


In life to shake on a swing – pleasure. In a dream they symbolize joy, openness, emotionality. If you shake together with the young man, then wait for love affairs and rough passion which will capture you entirely and for a while will deprive of ability really to look at the events.


Strong animal, the owner of a taiga who in the forest is better for avoiding. If you dream big bear, so the meeting with the brutal man having huge both physical, and sexual force is necessary to you. In a dream ran away from a bear, but it caught up with you? In reality it is necessary to have sex in the place which is considered for this purpose low-suitable. It, of course, is unsafe, but how many pleasure …


This huge animal – a symbol of stability, durability, thoroughness, career development and recognition of people around. If you dream that you go astride an elephant, so shortly you will get acquainted with young, but quite wealthy person, a relationship with whom will end with a wedding. If the elephant in your dream lifted a trunk, wait for love adventures.


Do you dance in a dream? Probably, in reality you hide the sexual energy. Relax, you will meet soon the partner who it will be soft, gentle, but to persistently conduct you, to show those dancing passes which will help you to reveal and will teach to derive pleasure from the joint movement.